Good Sam Chapters

What is a Good Sam Chapter?  A Chapter is a group of Good Sam Members with similar interests that like

 to camp together and have fun together. Chapters receive a Charter from the Good Sam organization.

 There are 22 chapters throughout the province of BC.

Why join a Chapter? Other than having a great group to camp and have fun with, there are several other advantages:

-          Make new friends. It is a great way to meet people with common interests – there are Chapters that

                   love to golf, others that love to fish, others that love to travel etc. – every chapter has different interests.

-          Reduced Campsite fees.  Often, the Wagon Master can negotiate a group rate on the campsite, making

            the camp costs less.

-          Ease of Mind. When travelling and/or camping with a group, should a breakdown happen there is always

 someone near that you know. Often others cannot only diagnose the problem; they often have the

knowledge and tools to fix it!

-          Safety. Sadly, this is something that everyone needs to be aware of in today’s world. There is certainly

 safety in numbers and a group is less vulnerable than an individual.-      Knowledge. This can be knowledge of

 how your RV works, tips and hints to get the most of your rig,

              information on different camping memberships, basic maintenance of your rig, best campsites, destination

 information, etc.  Chapter members are very willing to share their experiences and knowledge.

-          Provincial Activities.  There is a Rally/Samboree once per year in the province. This is where all the Chapters

 get together for a 3-4 day group camp.  It includes games, often a banquet, often information seminars and

 group tours of the area.  There are also two group meetings – Spring and Fall.  These are like mini rallies and

 a lot of fun.

-          Community Involvement.  Good Sam Chapters are very active in charitable and community events.

 It can be as simple as donating

to a registered charity or community involvement such as adopting a highway, doing community

 road clean up and more.

How to join a Chapter? Please contact the Director, or you can take one of

 the Director business cards provided on site. Also, please understand that you are welcome to attend a Chapter

meeting or join a Chapter camping to see if this is something you would like.

                We’d love to meet you and have you join us at a camp and/or at a meeting!!